Cristina Lima

We are all gears in the same machine, and each and every one of us is equally important

Position: Financial Manager, Kosan Crisplant Brazil – part of MAKEEN Energy
Education: Graduated in business administration followed by an MBA in controlling, auditing and financial management
Employed since: 2015

How did your career start out?

I’ve always wanted to work for a multinational company. To be in contact with people all around the world that speak different languages and come from different cultures. So, when I finished my education and was looking for a job, that was a top priority. And on most other areas, I was just open and eager to see what opportunities came along. 

The first job I got was in a finance department – and that was completely by coincidence. Back then I was still a bit insecure about what direction I wanted my career to be going in. However, I ended up realising that I’d actually found the right path from the beginning – and my passion for working in finance is still growing day by day.

How has your career developed at MAKEEN Energy?

I joined Kosan Crisplant’s office in Brazil (part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.) in May 2015 as a Financial Supervisor. The company was growing and needed support to keep the activities organised – so that was a part of my job. I mainly focused on the financial reporting and made sure to check and register everything correctly.

But over the years, many things have happened. New people, other ways of working, a change of address – and even combining forces with Siraga (now also a part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.). And all of these changes have affected my job too. Among other things, I’m now also responsible for a variety of administrative tasks and human resources issues – and basically all other back office activities.

What is the most important thing you have learned since starting here?

Of course, my technical knowledge has grown constantly since I stepped through the doors for the very first time. Both about MAKEEN Energy’s solutions and equipment in general, but also specifically related to the job and tasks I handle. For example, I’ve expanded my knowledge of continuous improvement and the Scrum methods, and I’ve learned to use tools like Power BI to analyse and visualise data.

However, one of the greatest learnings as a part of MAKEEN Energy is about people. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve worked in companies from different countries, and adapting to the different ways of working is always the biggest challenge. But it’s taught me so much as well. I’ve learned how to break down the barriers of differences and simply look beyond and respect them. We Latinos tend to be very outgoing and outspoken, but it brings value to both the team, the company and yourself when you learn to appreciate and make use of the synergies with other cultures.

What is it like working at MAKEEN Energy?

To me, the best thing about being part of MAKEEN Energy is the feeling of being valued. Here, we are all gears in the same machine, and each and every one of us is equally important. A machine can’t work without any of its gears – no matter the size, location or seniority of the gear. And I feel it’s the same logic that applies in our company. No matter our nationalities or job titles, we all work together with the same purpose and goals in mind.