Career development

In time, things change. And looking at some of our colleagues, this has also been the case with their careers here at MAKEEN Energy. They started out in one job, but over the years, they have developed themselves and their careers into something more and different.

Read their stories to get an idea of the career possibilities and potentials when working in a global corporation in the energy industry.

image of Christian Fredberg

Christian Fredberg

Christian joined our team in 1994. At first, he worked as a project manager, but during his more than 25 years here, he has juggled several projects and roles. However, he has always focused on generating ideas and starting up something new.

From the project department, Christian went on to work with sales. Especially the transition from mechanical to electronic scales at facilities in India was at the top of his agenda. He saw that this was an area with great potential and seized the opportunity to get it started.

Since then, he has continued to start up new initiatives. First, a filling plant in Cameroon. Then, a dedicated internal communications and marketing department. And after that, a division dedicated to sales of equipment and components – what we today know as KC ProSupply.

The latest project of Christian’s is our complex sales department that supports sales in all our regions. And we are curious to keep an eye on how his career continues to develop – and what projects and departments he will be developing. 

image of Rocío Verduzco Alvarado

Rocío Verduzco Alvarado

Rocío brought her bachelor’s degree as a computer systems engineer into our company for the first time in 2003. As a trainee at our headquarters in Denmark, she spent a year working with, among other things, our intranet and bulletin designs.

Right after that, she was hired as a full-time employee – but with completely different tasks and responsibilities. Rocío got the job of starting up our activities in her home country, Mexico. To prepare her for this, she was taught and trained in all the technical details. And from here, her career in the Americas just took off.

Over the years, she has handled a number of roles, but with Mexico and Central America as a common denominator. And from 2017, North America came onto her agenda too, when she became part of our project team here. Slowly, the northern part of the continent started to take more and more of her time, and in the beginning of 2020, she took the last step.

Now, she works as a sales director in our Northern American office, and she has moved to USA with her family. Where Rocío’s career and home are heading in the future is still unknown, but up until now, it has been impressive to follow her.

Image of Dimitri Gazagnaire

Dimitri Gazagnaire

Dimitri went through our doors for the first time in 2013. Back then, it was as an intern at our Danish headquarters, and already during those 6 months, he experienced quite a bit. He started out in the corporate communications department before joining first our agent in Qatar and then the one in Egypt as a project manager. An internship that really fulfilled his dream of travelling and discovering different cultures.

And even though Dimitri’s career has continued to develop, the international perspective never went away. In February 2015, he joined our office in Cameroon – this time neither as an intern nor as a project manager. Instead, he was in charge of 50 people and responsible for planning logistics and developing the business in Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.

With the knowledge from Cameroon as a solid foundation, Dimitri later joined our team in France as an area sales manager for Sub-Saharan Africa. And that is also where we find him today. His main responsibility is to develop our activities in western and central Africa, and up until now, his geographical area has increased from 3 to 21 countries.

Where the number of countries and Dimitri’s career are heading in the future, only time can show. But he has for sure developed his opportunities since we met him for the first time as an intern.

image of Heidi Møller

Heidi Møller

When Heidi stepped through our doors for the first time in 2007, it was a completely new world in many ways. In itself, a change of job always brings along new tasks, traditions and team members. However, with a background as a production technician from the textile industry, our world of energy was truly new to her.

Even though fashion and fuels are very different, Heidi could draw parallels between the two and use her skills here in our sourcing, planning and shipping department. She started out as a planner and took care of the production basis – but her role has developed and branched out in time.

Booking of shipments was added to her list at first, then kick-off meetings and lately our ERP system. And since she is now an advanced user of this system, it has become central to her work today. That is also why Heidi now spends 60% of her time working to optimise the ERP system – and the remaining 40% she dedicates to sourcing and planning where it all began.

How the percentages and the tasks will develop in the future, neither we nor Heidi knows. But it is inspiring to see where she has taken her career up until now.

Image of Max Skjold

Max Skjold

The first time Max met (what we today know as) MAKEEN Energy was in 1980. At first, he joined a project team in Denmark, but it did not take long before his career took its first turn. After only half a year, he took on the role as a supervisor – and that turned out to be the first of a series of developments.

During his first decade here, Max also worked as project manager, technical advisor and service engineer – to mention a few highlights. And in 1992, he pulled up stakes in Denmark and moved to Malaysia. Here, he built up our agency and handled everything from sales to service, before he sold the company to us in 2017 and returned to our headquarters in his home country.

Today, he is still located in our Danish office, now as a key account manager with responsibility for Scandinavia and part of Germany. He has celebrated an impressive 40th anniversary – and developed his career impressively over the years.