Arun Raj Palakkattu

image of Arun Raj Palakkattu
I like to think that I’ve grown professionally hand in hand with MAKEEN Energy’s development as a company

Position: Lead Engineer (Piping), Kosan Crisplant India and Supporting Engineer for Plastcon – parts of MAKEEN Energy
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Diploma in Piping Engineering
Employed since: 2011

How did your career start out?

As a student, I always dreamt of getting a job within the oil and gas industry. And that is actually why I decided to do a diploma course in piping engineering, after I graduated my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

When I got my first job as a piping engineer at a Saudi Arabian company, my expectations were to learn and gain as much practical experience as possible. I believed that would help me to eventually succeed in achieving my dream job as piping engineer in a recognised European company.

Joining MAKEEN Energy in 2011 as a pipe engineer turned out to be the beginning of achieving my dream.

How has your career developed at MAKEEN Energy?

When I started as a pipe engineer at MAKEEN Energy, I was the only engineer working from India. On a daily basis, I therefore worked closely together with the engineers and project managers at the headquarters in Denmark, and I reported directly to their project director too.

After 2 years, MAKEEN Energy decided to expand and establish an engineering department in India as well. Two assistant pipe engineers joined the new department, and I could add “Team Leader” to my title.

The expansion was a success, and since we were overloaded with multiple projects, a few more engineers were recruited to the team. That’s when I got promoted to “Lead Engineer (Piping)”. I was now in charge of the engineering department at the office in India, reporting to both the offices in Denmark and France.

This is my current role together with Supporting Engineer for Plastcon – the latest addition to the MAKEEN Energy family.

I therefore like to think, that I’ve grown professionally hand in hand with MAKEEN Energy’s development as a company.   

How are travel activities a part of your job?

Since my job involves a lot of coordination between the engineering departments in both Denmark and India, I often travel to Denmark for longer periods of time. My time in Denmark, of course, makes it easier to communicate directly with managers and colleagues. But, it’s also often necessary when it comes to handing over tasks from one department to another, project team meetings, technical training and future resources planning for the team in India.    

I really enjoy the travel opportunities that I get, and I believe that working with different cultures has taught me a lot both professionally and as a person.    

What is the best thing about working at MAKEEN Energy? And what is your proudest achievement?

One of the best things about working at MAKEEN Energy, besides the travelling opportunities, is the positive work culture where you always feel valued and where people treat each other with respect. I also appreciate the freedom with responsibility mindset, because I think it allows me to balance my work life so that I always can perform at my best.

One of my best and proudest moments from my time here at MAKEEN Energy is from when I was chosen to be a part of the new Plastcon team, due to my internal reputation. I really value that we as a global organisation and across cultures still can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences.