Ananda Pathinayake

Ananda Pathinayake
If you give people freedom, they will give you their very best in return


Position: Managing Director, MAKEEN Energy Manufacturing Centre

Education: Mechanical Engineering (NDT) from University of Moratuwa, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Sri Jayawardanepura  

Employed since: June 2007

How did your career start out?

Ever since I was a child, I always dreamt of becoming an engineer. And after finishing my Mechanical Engineering education, I actually started to live out that dream by getting my first job as a Production Engineer in a large-scale tyre manufacturing company.

But, throughout the years, the desire for further education grew in hope of one day becoming a top manager in a multinational corporation. Completing my MBA and joining MAKEEN Energy in 2007 were the first steps towards where I am today – Managing Director of MAKEEN Energy’s Manufacturing Centre (or as I like to see it: a top manager in a global multinational corporation).  

How has your career developed at MAKEEN Energy?

I like to look at my career at MAKEEN Energy as a nice story. When I started as General Manager in 2007, I was given the overall responsibility for MAKEEN Energy’s operations in Sri Lanka, which involved establishing a supply chain and improving quality, costs and delivery. I also handled recruitment, finding the right people for key positions in the company. But it was a humble beginning.

From being a minor workforce of 10 people located in small and medium-sized factories for many years, to building our own 4000 m2 high-technology manufacturing centre in 2016 and counting 100+ employees has definitely been quite a journey. I’m proud to have been a part of this development, and I definitely think it reflects my personal progress too.

Now, holding the position Managing Director of MAKEEN Energy’s Manufacturing Centre in Sri Lanka, I’m honoured to be leading many highly skilled professionals. Aside from day to day operations, I also deal with developing new product lines and processes as well as capital investment projects.         

What are the most important skills in your job and what have you learned from it?

I believe good leadership and always leading by example are important skills. But communication, problem-solving and time and people management are also skills I draw on during a typical workday.

Being a part of a global corporation also calls for cross-cultural understanding and ability to interpret and recognise cultural differences, both when it comes to behaviour and expectations. This is especially something I’ve learned since I started in MAKEEN Energy. However, another important thing I’ve experienced is that if you give people freedom, they will give you their very best in return.

What do you like about your work, and what is your best memory or proudest achievement?

In my opinion, MAKEEN Energy is one of the best places to work. Everybody treats each other in a respectful, professional and friendly manner, and no one is ever left behind – a work culture that I value every day. I also really enjoy seeing how my team performs day after day and that no matter how challenging times can be, they always find a solution.

Even though there are many good memories as well as notable accomplishments, being a part of building the brand new MAKEEN Energy Manufacturing Centre in 2016 is still one of my proudest achievements. 

Ananda Pathinayake