Amar Al-Karradi

a picture of Amar Al-Karradi in KC ProSupply's showroom
Finding my right shelf

Position: Sales Engineer, KC ProSupply BIRODAN - part of MAKEEN Energy
Education: Technical and Marine Engineer
Employed since: 2016

The beginning

The realization that my previous job wasn't as challenging as expected was kind of a relief. The job consisted of maintaining and operating machinery on board a worldwide chemical and oil tanker, but that wasn't my dream. I have always wanted to focus on a specific industry - like the LPG industry - and become a specialist.

The job advert from KC ProSupply (part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.) for a sales engineer came at just the right time. Although being a sales engineer is quite different from my previous position as a maintenance engineer, the sales aspect has always come naturally to me so I was more than ready to take the plunge. I applied, and soon I became part of KC ProSupply.

Where I am today

The main focus of my job is to offer the right products and solutions for our customers' businesses and advise the customers on how to operate the equipment. The tasks vary from selling LPG tank equipment and designs to offering small scale LPG equipment and LPG cylinders.

Providing technical support and advising customers is crucial in order to prevent fatal mistakes and maintain a high safety level for LPG systems throughout our complete product range. These varying tasks offer a very rewarding experience, and they continuously improve my knowledge and my skills within the LPG business.

The best thing about working for MAKEEN Energy

The best thing I find about KC ProSupply and MAKEEN Energy is the flat structure that promotes an equal work balance, which is inspiring. Whenever I'm in need of help, the door is always open, regardless if it's the door to the CEO or a colleague. Secondly, I really enjoy being a part of an international company. It creates a feeling of one global family. 
Finally, I'd like to underline the LPG industry as a small but very interesting niche business in a big world, which makes this job even more exciting. The different tasks and the flexibility keep me going. Every day is different.