Stéphane Mahuteau

From trainee to leader of design, projects and daily life in our technology centre in France, Stéphane has more knowledge than most about the importance of being able to adjust to new realities.

Terry Davies

With decades of experience from the British gas industry, Terry was the ideal choice to lead the UK-based branch of our trading division, KC ProSupply.

Adeeba, Pooja & Stine

In celebration of International Women's Day, we invited three of our female employees, all three of which joined us in 2018, to talk about their thoughts of working as a woman in the energy industry.

Renato Neves

When he applied to our company, Renato thought his informal and humorous personality would disqualify him. On the contrary, it made him fit right in.

Boerge Moeller ("Bobber")

An internal job ad came up, and Boerge took the opportunity to ask his manager to choose him - even though he was not qualified. Why was he chosen? Because he was the most dedicated employee he could ask for.