Evelina Sluka

Image of Evelina
Thriving on intercultural communication

Corporate Communications, Kosan Crisplant, Denmark
Intern from August 2014 to June 2015

Why did you choose to do an internship in Kosan Crisplant?

I was searching for a company in Denmark that would fit my rather international education, oriented towards global companies. Also, as I come from Lithuania, I was looking for a culturally diverse place. I heard about Kosan Crisplant (part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.) from one of my classmates at the university and decided to check out the company's website to see if the company fits the profile that I was looking for. It did. I was invited to see the office and surroundings of the company, and I was very much pleased with the relaxed but also very professional environment. After the interview on my way back home, I was already looking forward to returning to Kosan Crisplant as an intern.

What has been your primary role in the company during your internship?

My primary role was to assist Corporate Communications with their daily tasks. I did media research analysis and helped to arrange corporate activities and events for MAKEEN Energy employees. I was also given an opportunity to try out my creative writing skills. However, the most interesting part was that I got a chance to take part in the process of building a new, global intranet for the whole company. This was definitely something that I had never done before!

What has been the best part of your internship?

The lunchroom! Kidding, of course (the company provided excellent food, though). One of the best things I got during the internship was to see and feel how I can apply my theoretical knowledge in a real-life organizational setting. Also, as I thrive on intercultural communication, it was a huge pleasure to meet and work with colleagues from other countries. The cultural diversity of the company - that was what made my internship so memorable.

What has been the greatest challenge?

I have no engineering or technical background, so one of the main challenges was to understand how the company functions, what kind of equipment and services it provides, as well as the overall dynamics of the LPG business. In this case, the company helped me a lot, as I was given several introductions explaining how the company and the business are functioning. Kosan Crisplant also arranged a trip for me, and other interns to visit one of the LPG filling plants in Esbjerg (Denmark). That was a fascinating experience - a real running cylinder conveyer explains much more than a brochure at the office!

Can you describe the culture here with only three words?

From my point of view, the culture stands for openness, flexibility and learning. Openness, because literally every door is open at the office - in case you feel like exchanging new ideas or providing constructive criticism. The company's flexibility starts with flexible working hours and ends with its capability to adapt to the ever-changing business dynamics. Being flexible and open, employees learn a lot from each other and build upon each other's experiences. As an intern, I was always encouraged to contribute and express my point of view with my Danish colleagues. Even though the company values collaboration, they also provide you with responsibility and freedom to work independently.