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Responsible energy solutions on a sustainability journey 

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, we are committed to follow the initiative's principles - within human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption - as a part of our sustainability journey. This is our annual status report from January 2019.


No Weak Links (e-book)

When a chain conveyor breaks down, it can result in considerable loss of time and production - or it can be fixed in a few hours. In this guide, we give you some of our best advice on how to keep a chain conveyor running with minimal interruptions.

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MAKEEN Energy unites Kosan Crisplant, Siraga, MAKEEN Power/SADELMI Power, KC LNG and KC ProSupply into one powerful energy group. This world-leading union within the energy business aims to provide responsible energy solutions for people and plant.


The MAKEEN Energy policies

The MAKEEN Energy policies concern quality, health/safety and environmental commitments and initiatives. They form a foundation for all our business areas and ensure a common commitment.

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MAKEEN Energy safety guidelines

When you stay on an LPG or LNG site, you play a vital part in ensuring a high level of safety. This brochure highlights the precautions you need to take and presents 8 safety guidelines as well as an overview of the clothes you need to wear.

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8 guidelines for LPG and LNG sites

This poster provides you with a quick overview of the 8 guidelines for LPG and LNG sites from the brochure 'MAKEEN Energy safety guidelines'. It is easy to print out and put up e.g. at the site entrance or your office.

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MAKEEN LPG Safety Card

Proper training and awareness is key to protecting yourself and others when you are working with combustible gases such as LPG. MAKEEN LPG Safety Card is a three-day course that equips you with the right knowledge to stay safe.

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Container Solutions

An LPG filling plant in a container is a brilliant solution for many low-capacity needs. Mobile, efficient, and affordable, a container solution can open up new options for your business.