Plastcon's features and benefits

Stability in performance is a crucial factor in pyrolysis processes - also when you convert plastic to oil. With Plastcon, we raise the bar on smartness in plastic material recovery by using automation and data collection to optimise the stability and flexibility of the pyrolysis process. The outcome: lower operation costs and a higher quality end product.

image of a graphic showing how data collection and automation generates a stabile and flexible system flow

Machines learning from experience

An ingenious smart data collection system allows Plastcon to reach superior efficiency levels. The system analyses past pyrolysis processes, based on the five key parameters, to predict future operations. And the five parameters are:

  1. Density of the plastic
  2. Water content of the plastic
  3. Properties of the plastic
  4. Pyrolysis temperature
  5. Pyrolysis time

Constantly improving

Plastcon automatically uses the data it collects to achieve an efficient and fully controlled process that ensures a greater quality and yield in the end product. This also lowers the operational costs, as the operation is optimised according to verified values from previous processes.

The main benefits of Plastcon can be summarised as:

High product quality
Plastcon converts plastic waste with high precision into quality oil of any type, such as Marine Gas Oil with 15 times less sulphur than normal.

Continous production
Rather than processing individual batches, Plastcon can maintain constant production 24 hours a day, 95% of the year, with the option to stop and restart within a short time.

High efficiency and low emissions
Its optimised and efficient electric heating system keeps emissions extremely low, which also ensures high production rate and low power consumption.

Scalable, flexible and movable setup
Plastcon is built in scalable and movable modules, providing flexibility, a limited footprint and the possibility to split investment costs. It can be placed directly where the plastic waste is, e.g. at a landfill, to minimise and save money on transportation.

Smart automation for improved performance
The combined automation and data collection optimises efficiency and produces a higher quality end product. It also lowers the operation cost as operation staff can monitor the system from a distance.

Plastcon logo
Plastcon is our solution to the global problem of plastic waste, converting it into a useful resource.