Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur skyline

Kuala Lumpur: capital city of Malaysia, home to almost 2 million people who live and work in the core city. It is the busiest city in Malaysia, as well as one of the most multicultural. Here, located in a shop-lot area about 15 kilometres from the famous Twin Towers, you can find Kosan Crisplant Malaysia's offices. Most of KC Malaysia's biggest customers also have their headquarters in this city - Petronas and Shell, for example - which makes it easier to work together and arrange meetings.

An open forum

The work environment at the office is friendly and familiar. Here, anyone can knock on anyone's door, come in, and discuss what is on their mind. This is based on the MAKEEN Energy value of "putting the fish on the table" - to eliminate red tape and encourage people to speak their minds. This means that every possible angle is explored, which is apparent in the team's thorough project implementation.

The team works in a three-story building that is built in a modern minimalist style. It features wide, open spaces with a natural skylight. On every floor, you can look all the way through the building, from the top to the bottom. In many places, there is glass instead of walls to make the space feel bigger. This also means that you can always see your colleagues. In fact, two people working at different ends of the building can often wave to each other. If you think traditional office spaces can be claustrophobic, KC Malaysia's building will be a welcome change for you.

On the top of the building, there is a small balcony for parties, barbeques or the like. It is not used very often, however, as the Malaysian heat and humidity can make it uncomfortable to cook outside.

Work hard, play harder

It's not all work for our people in Kuala Lumpur. When it is possible to get every team together, they like to go on outings to enjoy each other's company and build team spirit - for example, at a dinner or a bowling tournament. It also happens that the team coordinates outings with customers, such as futsal tournaments, or fishing competitions. A lot of the KC Malaysia staff LOVES to fish.