Code of conduct

MAKEEN Energy is a market-leading corporation in the energy industry with employees and activities all around the world. Our code of conduct applies to all employees in our subsidiaries and others who act on MAKEEN Energy’s behalf – no matter their job function, location or seniority.

The purpose of our code of conduct is twofold. On the one hand, it sets a common standard for MAKEEN Energy’s approach to doing business. On the other hand, it guides our employees and representatives in their daily work and the cases of doubt they could experience.

Following the compass

Just like a compass, our code of conduct points out the direction for everyone who is part of MAKEEN Energy. Among other things, it deals with anti-corruption, conflicts of interests and discrimination, and it makes it very clear what we expect and accept from our employees and others who act on our behalf. By collectively following its lead, we make sure that we, both internally and externally, live up to our value saying don’t leave anybody behind.

illustration of a hand holding a compass
image of front cover of MAKEEN Energys Code of conduct brochure

MAKEEN Energy code of conduct

This code of conduct applies to all employees in MAKEEN Energy's subsidiaries and others who act on our behalf. It considers topics like anti-corruption, conflicts of interests and discrimination and guides us like compass in cases of doubt.

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