Over the years, we have opened our doors and invited many students in to join us as interns. And why do that? Because we believe that internships make a difference and create results. The students get the chance to turn theory into practice by using their knowledge in a real-life business setting. And we get input and energy from young minds with the newest knowledge. In our opinion, that makes it a win for both parties.

Internship opportunities at our headquarters

Most of our internships are located at our headquarters in Denmark. Previously, we have welcomed interns in various departments - from Design & Engineering to Corporate Communications - and we are always open to new ideas, students and study programmes. Simply, our only basic criterion is that the internship must be relevant for both the student and us.

What do we offer our interns?

No matter which department you are joining as an intern, you can look forward to being part of a global company with offices and subsidiaries all around the world. And we truly mean the "part of" thing. Sharing knowledge and making others good are two of our core values. As a result, it is only natural for us to work hard to include our interns in all our activities.

From day one, we will therefore challenge you to take responsibility and manage your own tasks. We value independence, competence and personal drive. And our informal and friendly work environment is equally important. Consequently, we appreciate all opinions, ideas and jokes - together, they make both our days and results better.

What do we expect from our interns?

You will have two primary jobs as an intern at MAKEEN Energy. Firstly, you need to be curious. Secondly, you must catch the ball - and of course, run with it. As with our other employees, we expect you to get involved, contribute with your knowledge and think out of the box. In that way, you will become a part of our team and have the chance to have a real business impact.

Since you will join a global network of employees located in many different countries, we also expect you to be able to speak and write English as a part of your job.

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How to apply for an internship

Are you interested in joining MAKEEN Energy as in intern? Start by checking out our job openings. If you do not find something that matches your qualifications and expectations, feel free to contacts us anyway - even though we haven't put it in writing, we might still need you. Send your unsolicited application to together with your CV and a timeframe for your internship.

In case you are interested in an internship at other offices than our headquarters, please contact the local office directly. You can find their contact information here.

Looking for a project collaboration?

At MAKEEN Energy, we are also open to the possibility of entering into a project collaboration with students from a bachelor's or master's programme. If you have a topic in mind that is interesting and relevant to both of us, we will be happy to be your project partner.

Send us a description of your topic, requirements and expectations to, and we will see what is possible.